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Michel Soro -

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

MicheI Soro was born in Cote D Ivoire on 10/30/87, with his family moving to France in 1999, young Michel Soro started training under the teachings of Abel Sanchez in the early part of 2017, fighting his first fight under new coach Abel Sanchez on 4/22/2017 winning by stopping J.F. Maciel in the 3rd round, unfortunately the second bout was a loss, losing a controversial a split decision to Bryan Castaho for the WBA Jr. Middleweight Championship belt, since Michel has won five fight in a row and by that winning the WBA Gold (Interim) WBA Title. Currently Michel Soro is 35-2, 24 KO's and the current Gold WBA World Champion. 


Last Bout: Cedric Vitu 11/15/2019


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